How To Log In To Your OU oZONE Account

If you are a University of Oklahoma student or faculty looking to access the school’s oZone portal, you can log in at

The login page will look like this:


  • If you have not yet set up an account to access oZONE, .
  • If you have forgotten your OUNetID to log in, . If you have forgotten your password, .
  • If you are still having trouble logging in, go here for online support options.


How do I log into my ou email?

To log in to your OU e-mail, open your Internet browser and visit the Office 365 Outlook website at the following address: To login: Enter your OU e-mail address as your username. If you have set an e-mail alias on your OU account, you will need to use this as your username.

What is my OU ID number?

The OU ID is a nine-digit number unique for you as a user at the University of Oklahoma. This number is also known as your Sooner ID and will typically be found on your Sooner ID card. The OU ID is created for you when you are accepted to the university as a student, or are hired as a new staff or faculty member.

How do I drop a class at OU?

To drop a class through, please do the following:First log in to the system.Next click on the Academics tab.Now click on the Enrollment tab.Next click on the academic term you wish to manage by clicking "Manage Courses".Under the Registration area, click "Register for Classes".More › customer › portal › articles › 2774166-how-do-i-drop-a-c...How do I drop a class using - University of › customer › portal › articles › 2774166-how-do-i-drop-a-c...