How To Log In To The WalmartOne Associate Portal

If you are a Walmart associate, you can log in to the WalmartOne / myWalmart employee portal at .

The login page will look like this:


  • If you haven’t logged in to WalmartOne before, you can .
  • If you have forgotten your User ID, . If you have forgotten your password, .
  • If you are still having trouble logging in, the phone number for further help is 800-421-1362.


Who handles Walmart 401k?

Halldin, the Bank of America spokesman, said he could not comment on that allegation, but noted that Merrill Lynch still administers the 401(k) plan for Walmart. That service includes recordkeeping and investment consulting.

What is the phone number for Walmart 401k?

In 2020 they can only help you with these needs....Talk to the experts:For questions about:ContactResources for Living®800-825-3555 (24/7)The Walmart 401(k) PlanMerrill Lynch: 888-968-4015When you're eligible for benefits or how to enrollPeople Services: 800-421-1362HealthCompare877-260-182412 more › en_us › health › health-plans › claims_and_supportBenefits Contacts - One › en_us › health › health-plans › claims_and_support

What is Walmart HRA plan?

Through the HRA Plans, Walmart credits money to an account to help pay for eligible medical expenses—up to 0 for associate-only coverage or ,000 if you cover dependents. The plan uses this money first when you get care, before you have to pay out of pocket.

How do I access my Walmart 401k?

Enrolling in the Walmart 401(k) Plan is easy. Just go to or the WIRE and select “I want to contribute to the Walmart 401(k) or the Associate Stock Purchase Plan.” Or, visit Benefits OnLine at or call Merrill Lynch at (888) 968-4015.

How do I access my Walmart wire from home?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to access the wire from your personal computer at home. You must be clocked in and at the working area since Walmart provides special computers at this area for the staff to log into their personal account. To get on Walmart wire you will need a Walmart identification number.

How do I log into WalmartOne?

WalmartOne Login/Sign in Process: From the home page of Walmart One website ( click on 'Sign in' on the top right. You may go to the Sign in page directly by visiting 2. Enter your WalmartOne username and password you created during the sign-up process ...

How do I check my pay stub for Walmart?

To view your pay stub using the Walmart Money Network, you'll go to and select Login to Paystub Portal in the upper-right corner. If you've never used the site, you'll have to register, which requires your birth date and the nine digit Walmart ID you were issued. You'll also need your facility number.

What is the WalmartOne app?

WalmartOne App: WalmartOne web portal lets you view all the details through a browser. However, if you are an associate or employee of the company, we recommend downloading the app on your mobile or tablet. When you have the WM1 app things become more convenient. You can view everything you need to while on the go.

How do I log into my UltiPro account?

How to Login My Ultipro Account?Go to your HCM access page.Enter your username and password here.Now click on › ultipro-loginUltipro Login | How to Login Or Sign Up My Ultipro › ultipro-login

How do I download UltiPro?

For Android users, open the Google Play app store and select “My apps and games” from the menu. If the UltiPro mobile app needs to be updated to the latest version, it will be labeled “Update.” Tap “Update” to install the latest version of the app. What is the cost? The UltiPro mobile app is free for all UltiPro users.